Contest University
Thu, May 14, 2020
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Dayton, Ohio USA
Contest University
Thu, May 14, 2020
Dayton, Ohio USA

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K5ZD:  Contesting with Integrity
K1DG:  How to Recruit New Contesters
N6MJ:  2BSIQ and SO3R:  Riding the Edge of Human Capabilities
N6TV:  Everything You Need to Know About USB and Serial Interfaces
W5ZN:  FT8 and the WSJT-X 2.0 Software Suite for 6 Meter Contesting
N0AX:  All Together Now, Grounding and Bonding
KL9A:  No Compromise Remote Contesting
K5ZD:  Preparation and Practice for Better Contest Scores
W0YK:  Digital Contesting is Fun!
KG5HVO:  New Blood:  Drafting the Next Generation
WX6SWW:  Solar Cycle Impacts on Radio Propagation:  Forecasting Cycle 25
N6TV:  The Advantages of Waterfall Displays for Contesting and DXing
W0YK:  Taking Digital Contesting to the Limit
K3LR:  Contesting and Station Optimization
W3YQ:  Tower Safety
NC0B:  2018/2019 Rig Contest Comparisons and Hybrid Architecture Explained



K1DG:  Radio Contesting – Having Fun is Easy
W3LPL:  How to Improve your Transmitting Antennas for Low Solar Activity
N0AX:  RadioSport Contesting Hints and Kinks
N0AX:  Hints and Kinks – Technique and Station
N6TV:  CW and RTTY Skimmers and the Reverse Beacon Network
W5ZN:  Utilizing Digital modes FT8 and MSK144 for Competitive Advantage in VHF Contests
W3LPL:  Easy to Build Low Band Receiving Antennas for Small and Large Lots
N0AX: Grounding and Bonding for the Little Pistol and Medium Gun
K1DG:  How to Read and Learn from your Log-Checking Report
W0YK:  Having Fun with RTTY Contesting
W3LPL:  How to Adapt your DX Contest Strategies for Low Solar Activity
K2YWE:  Contest Operating Best Practices
N6TV:  The Advantages of Waterfall Displays for Contesting and DXing
W0YK:  Pursuing RTTY Contesting to the Limit
K3LR:  Some Thoughts About Contesting & Optimization
W3YQ:  Antenna/Tower Reliability
NC0B:  2018 Contest Radio Review

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