Contest University
See you on
May 20, 2021
9:00 am EDT
Contest University
See you on
May 20, 2021

Contest University ONLINE 2020 via ZOOM – all times EDT/UTC

In addition to Zoom, Contest University will be viewable on DX Engineering’s YouTube channel starting at 12:30 Zulu on May 14, 2020


Here is the YouTube link:
Click on the presentation to view/download the slide deck

8:45 am EDT/12:45 UTC  Welcome to CTU 2020 from W8CI, K3LR and N9JA

9:00 am EDT/13:00 UTC  W3LPL –  “Effective Low Band Receiving Antennas”

10:00 am EDT/14:00 UTC W2NAF – “2020 Solar Cycle Update and the HF Response to Ionospheric Storms and Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances”

11:00 am EDT/15:00 UTC N6TV – “Everything You Need to Know About USB and Serial Interfaces”

12:00 pm EDT/16:00 UTC K1AR – Memorial reading of the Silent Keys for 2020

12:05 pm EDT/16:05 UTC Lunch on your own

12:30 pm EDT/16:30 UTC NN1C – “Exuberance and Youth Contesting – Update on What is Going On”

1:00 pm EDT/17:00 UTC W0YK – “Digital Contesting Hints & Kinks”

2:00 pm EDT/18:00 UTC K1DG – “Optimizing your Station for Contest Operations”

3:00 pm EDT/19:00 UTC N0AX – “Grounding & Bonding for Contest Stations”

4:00 pm EDT/20:00 UTC NC0B – “Contest & DX Performance A Complex Subject Today:  Great RX Performance – TX Limitations”

5:00 pm EDT/21:00 UTC W3LPL – “60 Years of Competitive Contesting — the W3LPL Story”

6:00 pm EDT/22:00 UTC K3ZJ – Presentation of CQ Contest Hall Of Fame 2020

At the conclusion of the CQ Contest Hall of Fame induction –  CTU will give away an Icom IC-7610 transceiver courtesy of Icom America to a licensed amateur in the United States that is online with Zoom at the end of the Hall of Fame Inductions.
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